Customer Stories – Recover lost photos from phone micro SD card

I woke up to this morning with my cellphone telling me my microSD card is damaged and I couldn’t pull the pictures I had on there found this software and read through the testimonials skeptically but literally saw ALL the photos on the card purchased the license and have everything I lost on the card. You really never know how much you need something until its gone. This software is the real deal and has my blessing. I don’t usually do testimonials but this thing works and to have it for two years is an even bigger blessing.

My micro SD card on my phone randomly deleted my entire picture folder one day. I had thousands of pictures from the past 3 years and was convinced they were gone. I thought since they were deleted there would be no way to recover them. To my complete surprise, this program recovered ALL of my pictures! I couldn’t be any happier and would absolutely recommend this to anyone who needs to recover lost files.

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Simply amazing job guys and gals. I am in no way a savvy type dude on the laptop. Your software saved my bacon. I did not know SD cards had issues. Until 4 years of pictures on my phone were said to be lost, all of a sudden. Your product saved them from the abyss ….. thank you all!

I tried CardRecovery a couple of years ago to recover images off a card and it worked well. I was more than happy with these results. Fast forward to a month ago when I had an EHD completely fail. I took the drive to Best Buy where they informed me that it appeared that not a single file was being acknowledged by their “expert” programs. Figuring I had nothing to lose I opened up the CardRecovery software and let it go to work. It completely recognized ALL the files on my drive, even though it could not read some of the unsupported files that I had. I didn’t care – all I wanted were my photos. And CardRecovery found them. I admit they were not organized at all and there were many duplicates, and I am not sure if some of the unread files were some that were not recorded at some point, but I am over the moon happy with the results that I got with this program. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Great, thanks a lot for the service! The drive seemed unreadable, but with your program I see the files (videos and photos) again, so everything I get back makes me happy. Where can I give you a positive feedback as a happy customer?

I just purchased your product in response to an article I read online from Computerworld. I had a compact flash card that had become corrupted and would not allow me access to my photos. It appeared I was going to have to format the card and lose everything. I downloaded your software, CardRecovery, and within 5 minutes I had access to the card and all the photos I had just taken. In addition to my current pictures, I also was able to access photos from a couple of years ago that I had deleted from my card. Your program is amazing! and well worth the money I paid to install it. I would recommend this software to anyone who has a camera with any kind of flash card storage. Thanks for your help.

I recently discovered that my memory card was corrupted and unreadable and I IMMEDIATELY went in to panic mode. Of all memory cards this one was the one that held the most valuable memories of mine. My son’s 5th birthday party and also Christmas pictures with my 80 year grandmother were on this card. I was distraught about the thought of losing the pictures so I instantly started researching card recovery programs. I tried a few and they were all unsuccessful but today I took one last ditch effort and found, you guys! I saw the testimonials on the side bar and thought I should give it a try. This was the best day of this year as you all were able to recover EVERY image that was gone!!! I am so happy to share this with the world and would recommend your program to anyone that has accidentally deleted files from their memory cards! Thank you ao much I am so happy right now!