Recover Deleted Files from Camera SD Cards

sd card recovery

Many people know that the computer has a recycling bin (or trash bin for mac). After you deleted files from the computer’s hard drive, you usually have a chance to recover them from the Recycle Bin easily with a few clicks. But usually, digital camera does not have a Recycle Bin. When you deleted some pictures or videos from the camera by mistake, to get the deleted files back from the camera , you will need some memory card recovery software. Those software tools are specially designed to recover lost photos and videos from SD card, CF card or other memory cards.

The most important thing to do after you accidentally delete data is to stop taking new photos or videos on the SD card immediately, preferably power off the camera then eject and take it out from the camera. If you need to continue taking photos while you’re on a trip or event, use a new memory card. The reason for this is that if you continue to save new photos with this memory card that contains lost data, it is likely that the new data will overwrite the lost data that you could recover.

CardRecovery Software is one of the leading SD card recovery software. It has versions for both Windows and macOS to download to your computer. After download, it is quite easy and fast to install it on your computer through an intuitive installation wizard in less than 1 minute. Please note that to prevent overwriting data that already exists on your memory card, including the lost data, do not install it directly on the memory card.

Before you run this software, you need to connect the memory card to your computer. Most computers have SD card reader slots, if not, you can use a USB card reader. Normally when your memory card is connected to the computer, a new drive letter will appear in the “Computer”. After this operation, you can open the newly installed SD card recovery software, click Next, select the drive letter of your memory card, camera brand, and file types that need to be recovered (e.g. photos, videos, etc.). The software then automatically searches every space on the memory card for photos and videos that can be retrieved. Depending on your memory card capacity, the data recovery process can take minutes to tens of minutes. Before you start the memory card scanning, make sure your hard drive has enough space to save the lost files that will be found.