How to Recover Corrupted/Formatted/Deleted SD and microSD Card

Download CardRecovery software to instantly recover corrupted SD card, formatted SD card, or deleted photos/videos from SD card:
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Standard SD Card is usually used by digital camera (most professional digital single-lens reflex camera). MicroSD is a tiny flash memory card based on TransFlash card format made by SanDisk. This type of memory card is mainly used in mobile phones, compact digital camera and other popular digital devices because of its small size, with the increasing capacity. The size of microSD is 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm which is about 1/4 of the SD card.

SD Card and micro SD cards are used to capture beautiful moments. I believe that many people have experienced the painful experience of bad memory cards, whether it is an SD Card in camera or Micro SD in mobile phone, they have the opportunity to be accidentally damaged due to various problems. I will share with you the solutions, hoping to help you save the valuable photos in the cards. If your SD card has some problems. the most common practice is to plug it into the computer for recover and rescue.

SanDisk SD Cards and microSD Card

SD/MicroSD Card Common Problems:

Corrupted SD Card:

For corrupted and damaged SD card, if your card reader can still recognize it, that is lucky that you still have a good chance of recovering the data from the memory card. You may simply download CardRecovery software to scan the drive letter.

If the corrupted card cannot appear as a drive on your PC or Mac, you need to first sort out your card reader problem and make sure your sd card reader works properly. In some cases, you may think you have a broken card and try to find various ways to repair it, but in fact there is a problem with the card reader. If your computer cannot recognize your SD or microSD card, it is better to take out the SD Card and plug it into a different card reader or computer card reader slot. If finally the card turns out to be actually corrupted, for this “card unrecognized” issue, software utilities may be unable to help, you may need to find some SD card data recovery service providers.

Formatted SD Card:

If you format a micro SD card carelessly, in fact, it is still possible to retrieve the previous files on the computer after formatting, as long as you do not continue to write new data onto the SD card (the previous data is not covered). CardRecovery software is able to recover formatted SD and micro SD cards.

Deleted Files on the Card:

Don’t worry when you accidentally erased the file on the SD Card, but remember not to to create new files or copy files to the card again because the new files may overwrite the deleted data and cause data recovery failure. Download CardRecovery software to recover the deleted files from the SD card. Both photos and videos are supported.


No matter what you have a corrupted SD card, formatted microSD card, or have deleted photos from an SD card, the first step is to take the card from your camera or phone (no more files written to the card). Then you may find a computer to download CardRecovery software to perform the data recovery. A card reader is needed. 90% desktop or laptop computers have a card reader slot and that is fine.