SD Card Problems and Solutions

The common problems and solutions of SD and microSD Cards

1. SD Card Unrecognized

When you insert the card into your camera card slot, camera prompts “no card”.

Possible reasons: Cameras do not support the file system used by the SD card, or the SD card is corrupted.

Solution: Using a card reader, connect the SD card to your computer, then try to format the SD card into the file system that the camera supports.

SD Card Problem

Usually, FAT32, exFAT are supported by most cameras, while NTFS file system is not supported by most digital cameras.

SD Card Formatter tool from SDCard.ORG

Please note, formatting process will wipe the data on the sd card completely, so please backup your data first before performing a format. If you need to recover files lost due to a mistaken format, you may try CardRecovery to recover files from a formatted memory card.

2. SD card cannot be formatted

After SD card is successfully connected to the computer through the card reader, the system prompts the drive to be “unformatted” and the user needs to format to continue. But when the user chooses to format, the system will say, “Windows can’t complete the formatting”.

Possible reason: When the user unplugs the SD card from the computer, an incorrect operation occurs, or user may have erroneous operations in the process of reading/writing.

Solution: First, use disk checker to check the SD card and select the option of automatically fixing file system errors, and try to restore bad sector options in the process of scanning. After this process, users can try to start formatting the SD card again.

Tutorial regarding checking disk error:

3. Unable to write data to SD card

Users try to write some data to SD cards, or take new pictures, but are told that the card is write-protected.

Possible reasons: The write-protection switch is turned on, or the card is damaged.

Solution: To solve the problem, you may simply take the SD card out of the camera, then turn the write-protect switch on the side of the card from on to off. If the write-protect switch is already off but you still get the error message, it means your memory card is damaged.