Recover Photos from Inaccessible SD Cards

CardRecovery software is able to recover lost photos from corrupted or inaccessible SD cards in most cases. Here are some cases of our customers:

Recently I attended an important event celebrating accomplishment in Canadian aviation. Over a three-day period I took hundreds of photos with my digital camera. The day following the event, while waiting for my dinner at a restaurant, I was reviewing the pictures on my camera, deleting photos one at a time which were not needed — duplicates, blurred due to subject movement, underexposed due to poor light, etc.

When deleting one photo I received a message on the camera screen saying that there were no images on the camera’s 16Gb card. Yikes! I expected I had inadvertently pressed the OK button to delete all photos, instead of selecting the command to delete only the one photo I wanted to remove.

I turned off the camera, removed the card and locked it. When I returned home, I put the card in my computer to see if it could be read. Again I received a message that there were no images on the card. I was hopeful that the images had not actually be erased, but perhaps only information had been removed that the camera and the computer needed to read the card.

Next I did an internet search for software in the hope that I could find a product that could recover my photos. I selected your site first and read the information there. Next, I downloaded the trial software. In just a few minutes CardRecovery indicated that there were 1587 images on the card that could be recovered!

So I purchased the software and installed it on my computer. Immediately upon entering the registration key, I had access to all images on the card, which were all successfully recovered. What a great relief that was! I needed many of the photos to accompany articles I was writing, and will need others for future writing projects.

Not only did I recover the 499 images from the aviation event that I wanted, also recovered were over a thousand more on the card that were taken as long as six months previously, and had been saved to a hard disk drive. I am sure that I reformatted the card in the camera so that I would have an empty card before I attended the aviation event.


CardRecovery worked exactly as described and I was totally delighted to have all my photos returned to me! I then recommended your product in an email notice to many family and friends who also shoot a lot of photos.

Thanks for the rescue! The purchase price was an excellent investment. Even if I don’t have to use CardRecovery again, it has more than paid for itself, a modest cost that retrieved my 499 photos that could not have been re-shot.

Great product. Lost my hard drive in a storm. Last backup was a year ago. Too many precious pictures. I thought I lost them all. However with CardRecovery I was able to hook up my Nikon D40. It analyzed the memory card and recovered all of the files. Easy to use. Saved my bacon. Well worth the money. Can’t say enough great things about the product. Well done.

I was suspicious about how well this software would work – but I was desperate. It worked beautifully and even recovered hundreds of pictures on a card that had been reformatted several times before. Saved me a lot of extra hours of work. Thank you.

Many thanks for this. Worked first time. CardRecovery is brilliant. So much more effective than any of the other software that I have tried before.

Thanks a million for the advice. I retried the scan, entering the camera information (Canon digital camera) and it located and downloaded the .CR2 files. Thanks again for all the help!

You have no idea how relieved I am at retrieving the 1900 images that I thought were lost forever. Pictures of graduations, trips, priceless images. Words cannot adequately express how I feel. Thanks to your recovery product I have those images back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you so so very much! I am a professional photographer and had an SD card issue where I lost 3/4ths of my session due to a corrupt card. This session was a 4.5 hour away drive (there and back — 9 hours round trip) and is to this day, one of my favorites! I was in tears before I used the card rescue software and can’t thank you enough for being able to recover the whole session! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!