Customer Stories – Recover Pictures from CF and SD Cards

I am very pleased with your product. I just photographed a couple with their dogs. One dog is ill. He is due to be put down tomorrow morning. This evening, I sat down to work the photos and the CF card was damaged. I could not view the images in the camera or the computer. After a quick web search and an inexpensive transaction via PayPal, I was able to open the RAW files and save them. Thank you so much for saving this families memories! [More instructions regarding CF Card Recovery]

Woo hoo! You saved my day! 445 recovered photos – thank you so much. I’m going to share your company’s information on my social network.

I can’t say thank you enough for your program. You helped preserve our memories. For that, I will be forever grateful.


I had lost 4 years of pictures off my phone. Your program got all of my pictures back and some that I didn’t want. Pictures I edit out over the years . Awesome program. Works well. Worth the $58 Canadian .

My problem was that I was looking for TIF files. When I re-ran the program finding the NEF files, your program worked BEAUTIFULLY. All the files were recovered, the clients were thrilled (and never knew about the drama!), and life is good. Best $40 I ever spent. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it again! Many thanks,

Saved I hadn’t told my wife that I accidentally deleted all of the Xmas family photos. Thanks well worth the cost!

My cell phone had caused a relatively new Sandisk micro SD card to go crazy. This is the 2nd SanDisk to go corrupt.

I had transfered pics from old 8 Gb Toshiba card I had used for 3 years, to new one 32 Gb card, so I would have more space, then took new pics. My old ones are safe, but all news gone. So my loss was only new photos. You program was the best. It even restored old pictures I had deleted. Your program is the best and an amazing value. Yes some pics were partial or not restored, they were very few. Your recovery product is the best of 4 that I bought. No wonder U got PC award.

Thank you, you geniuses! People who were supposed to be tech-savvy broke my heart when all told me there was nothing I could do to save my accidentally deleted photo album. Thank god I still hang on to the bits of info I got from the Internet about your software. You are such a life saver! I got all the photos and videos back, including the one which recorded the birth of my son.

After returning from my second vacation this past summer, I attempted to download my images from my SD card and realized the card was corrupt and I could no longer access the files. I could see the images on the camera viewfinder, but no matter what or where I tried, nothing would recognize the SD card. I put the card away with the intention of trying to find someone who could recover my images. This past weekend, through a Google search, I came across your website and decided to give the free trial a shot. Not only did it recover all of my images, the purchase price of the software for only $39.95 was well below what I was expecting and willing to pay to recover my pictures. Thank you for offering a great product at a great price. Having no pictures from our family vacation was devastating, and saved the day! A very satisfied customer,

Oh my gosh – thank you so much. All the photos from my camera memory card uploaded as Shortcuts. I spent over an hour reading about viruses in pen drives which result in this problem but could not recover my photos. With great frustration, I deleted everything from my memory card. Then I wondered whether there was software which could recover my photos. I found your site and total time from reading about it, downloading it and recovering my photos was less than 5 minutes. I’m so grateful!

My fiance and I were having a vacation in New York. We decided to take some photos at the brooklyn bridge, including a few special ones that will only be shown on our wedding day. I edited the ‘normal’ photos to post on facebook and left out the special ones for my wedding day. Who would have thought that it would slip my mind and i used the same CF card to help my friend shoot his wedding proposal. It was not until my fiance reminded me to edit our secret pictures that i had that OH SH*T moment. I chanced upon this software and lo and behold, my pictures were recovered. It really is god-send.

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service you provide. I was devastated to accidentally press the wrong button in a hurry and loose every picture on my camera. Your service recovered every picture, in simple, easy to follow steps, even for a dinosaur on computers like me. Thank you so very much.

I just used your program to recover some very, very VERY important pictures of very important very loved family members… 958 pics. About 940 pics were recovered which that issue was perfectly clear in their agreement before I paid them. I could not have found a better “rescue” program for this price! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I was freaking out because my memory card with all of my videos and pictures of my Hawaii vacation had become corrupt. After researching several different types of software and downloading multiple trial versions, I took a gamble with CardRecovery and couldn’t be happier. Within a half hour, I have all of my files recovered. Some of the other programs (Recover My Files) wouldn’t find my .mts files. However, this program located everything and more. It’s a lifesaver!

I had called a local computer store, and they told me their data recovery fees START at $80. This program is well worth the $39.99.

This software worked a miracle for me today. I had an error occur while trying to download my photos of an Annual Event that took place yesterday at my agency. I am the only agency photographer too. The card (not a SanDisk card) had a syntax error with “filename/directory name/or volume label” during the download, and I [thought] I lost about 400 irreplaceable photos. They were just gone, not in Temp files, not in Recent Places/Downloads, etc. However, once I downloaded CardRecovery, all 446 of my photos of the event were recovered from the SD card. I will never use any other brand of SD cards in my camera (I’ve also learned that lesson). This product is fantastic! It absolutely does what it claims to do. Thank you, CardRecovery!