Customer Stories – Recover photos from microSD card of Samsung Android Phone

My wife’s Samsung mobile phone was full & wouldn’t take a software update. I did some tidying up and attempted to move her 960 photos to the micro SD card. Or so I thought. Having believed I had carried out the task, double checked to make sure they were all on the card, I then deleted all the duplicates from “Gallery”. To my absolute horror, all 960 photos disappeared from the phones own memory and the SD card. I felt absolutely sick, because the photos were of major birthdays, holidays and important events going back about 3 years. The whole lot had completely gone and I felt wretched, my wife was furious and very upset. I did some online research & saw some really good reviews for I went for it and I am So GLAD I did, because within a few seconds all the missing photos reappeared from the SD card onto my computer using the very easy to use software. Of course we now have a backup, but I cannot thank enough for rescuing an extremely distressing situation. It’s a very small price to pay for the comfort of knowing we have not lost these precious and irreplaceable moments. Worth noting that you have to make sure the little slider on the SD Adapter is set to the right position, otherwise all the ‘sectors’ on the micro SD card will show up as inaccessible. This is excellent software.

Excellent Recovery Program! And a very user friendly website to work with! We are so appreciative of what this has recovered for us. The 32 GB microSD card in our Samsung Galaxy S3 began by losing access to recently taken photos, and quickly became totally unreadable. This solution recovered all 1594 photo files and movie clips, and it appears they are all perfect! That was 3 years of family travels and grand babies growing up, now thankfully back in our memories files! Thank you for the excellent service!

Just wanted you to know that we had a a very good experience and thank you a good product. We live in the UK had old friends visiting us from the US. They spent a week with us and visited many places with us and on their own. They took many photos as we are fond of keeping memories. Before they left, they lent us their SD card so we could have some of the lovely photos they had taken of us together. Inadvertently, their SD card got wiped. Your software helped recover all the memories in relatively no time. Thanks!