Recover Deleted or Formatted Photos/Videos from Nikon Camera – Customer Stories

Nikon Digital Camera

THANK YOU SO MUCH! While in Alaska on our “once in a lifetime” vacation, my Nikon D70 reformatted two different memory cards. I was horrified. Didn’t use my camera after that and relied on my cell phone’s camera for photos. Our tour guide in Alaska told me about your website. I waited over a month to check it out and with fingers crossed, I prayed it would work. All photos have been recovered. It is like a miracle and I have to say THANK YOU again. Now we are able to reminisce about our “vacation of a lifetime”. After many sleepless nights and shopping for a new camera, this is my solution. THANKS again!

I have only had to use my version of this Card Recovery program a couple times in a couple years. But that being said, both times I needed it, it was critical to recover the image files on SD cards, and this program did it easily, without delay, and works like MAGIC.

All of my family’s vacation photos somehow got erased from out Nikon, we found CardRecovery and it worked! Now we have all of our photos back!

Your software is top notch! I accidentally deleted my Camera folder on my Droid this morning containing over 1000 images and videos. Your software was able to recover almost 100% of them. Thank you!!!!!!

I purchased the software tonight. My wife took some very important photos to her. After a plane ride the xD-Picture card was “munged” (old guy joke thing) (if you ask I’ll tell you the joke). I could not face her crying if I told her they were gone so I took a $39.00 chance. It recovered 56 photo’s and saved me from telling her they were gone. It went from the camera saying “format the card” to here is your great photo’s. Thanks! From a retired technical support manager for a world wide printer manufacturer.

I’m a professional skydiving photographer. I accidentally erased all the files from the SD card in my video camera thus erasing several hundreds of dollars of footage shot in one day. I thought for sure that I was going to have to refund all monies paid. Your software saved the day! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!! Your software rocks!

I just got home form a newborn session, I had previewed my photos in camera, before I left, all was good! I got home, put my scandisk SD card into my computer, and I immediately noticed that where thumbnails normally show, I was getting the generic “raw file” thumbnail. I instantly panicked. I tried everything I knew how, shutting down my computer, I put my card back in my camera, it was now reading “blank” downloaded Nikon x2 software, updated photoshop, updated Lr, ran the card recovery program I had, and posted in online forums. One person was ver persistent I try Card Rescue. I told her I already paid for one program, and she told me this one really was the best. She was right, it worked, and I cried happy tears. THANK YOU Card Rescue!!!

Note: CardRescue is the macOS version of CardRescue. It can be downloaded from

I accidentally formatted one of my memory cards in one of my cameras. This would have meant a return trip had I not been able to recovery the lost 80 or so images. After running the trial version I was happy to see that the results were positive. I then purchased your software and was able to restore the images I required. The software worked perfectly!