Customer Stories – Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

My wife and I just returned from a week in Washington D.C. We had dozens of pictures of us in front of the monuments and the beautiful cherry blossoms which were in full bloom! I meant to delete old photos from the camera but ended up deleting everything. Needless to say, my wife was quite upset – as was I. I went online to see what could be done and found CardRecovery software. In ten of fifteen minutes I had it all back. Thank you so much!

Yesterday I experienced every Photographer’s worst nightmare. I seriously can’t thank you enough for your software. I was photographing my best friend’s wedding yesterday and after I’d just come to the end of one particular part of the day, my SD card suddenly corrupted. I was absolutely mortified as it had extremely important shots from the day on it. I discovered your website through a recommendation and was overcome with joy when I saw my photos being recovered. I can’t thank you enough, worth every penny! Thank you!!!!

I’m speechless! truly shocked and amazed how fast and easy this program was. My heart dropped out of my chest and I bawled all day when I realized that my newborn photos were deleted from my camera, words truly could not express how emotional I was and saddened by this. The first 2 weeks of my sons life were lost forever–until I used Card Recovery to get them back! I’m sooo appreciative for this service and for a mere $39.95, I feel so blessed to get my precious photos back. I would have maxed out every single credit card I have if I had too. Thank you again, I would recommend your service to every single person I know! I cant thank you enough!!

I just wanted to say thanks for a truly fantastic product. I was able to recover my deleted photos, that had been accidentally deleted. Many, many thanks again!

I am so astounded, amazed, truly appreciative of your software. I have a sony memory stick pro duo 2 that obviously is heavily damaged internally because this is not the 1st time that this has happened. The 1st time I lost some pretty important pictures and video of my youngest child (2 y.o.). Unfortunately, the pictures and video were never recovered because I used another data recovery software which did not work very well. Only some pictures were recovered and no videos at all and what makes it worse is that the files were in unreadable formats which were never repaired. Anyhow, over this past weekend I used the camera again and of course the same thing happened. This time I did a little more research and found I was skeptical at first but instantly the pictures and videos popped up (in full preview mode) like magic. This is the 1st time that I have ever left left a testimonial on a product or website, but since I am so blown away and rejoiceful right now I would like to share with future curious and desperate customers that YES your pics and videos can AND WILL BE RECOVERED!!!! Thanks a lot CardRecovery.

I believe i am the first Indian to try your site. I would like to thank you from my heart as i could get back all the precious moments of my life with my wife on our vacations. Thank you so much for this discovery and kudos to the team of developers who have worked for this software.

The best $40 bucks I have spent in the last year. I just got back from a HS Senior Portrait shoot – and we shot half the day. To say the least as we sat down to relax and recoup we looked at the pictures and there were some quite amazing photos we were really proud of. After getting home I did my normal routine of moving the photos from the card to three separate hard drives. When I put the card in the reader it wouldn’t come up. I put the card back in the camera and the camera said the card was defective. OMG some of the best images I have ever shot – GONE!!! A peer suggested CardRescue, as I had tried the card manufacturers program to no avail. Not only did CardRescue recover the shoot today, but also another 300 images from a wedding I shot two weeks ago – and the card was formatted after the wedding!!! Truly a great product that has saved my reputation!!!

CardRecovery was amazing! I took almost 200 photos on my graduation day. IT WAS MY GRADUATION AND ONCE IN MY LIFETIME! My dad did not transfer the photos to desktop or whatever place that safe for viewing and directly viewing the photos from the memory card. The photos size were very big cause i took the photos with my DSLR. End up the memory card got corrupted. All my graduation photos gone. I downloaded the trial version and found out card recovery can preview all my photos …

I cannot thank you enough – I am a professional photographer and just went to edit a session tonight when I realized that half of the images never transferred to my computer; but I had already reformatted my compact flash cards. GASP! I almost died! CardRescue totally saved me in being able to recover my files. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!