Customer Stories – Recover Deleted Files from an SanDisk SD Card

My son erased ALL my photos from my Nikon Coolpix B500, I know literally balling at that moment :(,I got in contact with Nikon and even SanDisk because all my images were saved, and they both stated they could not do nothing about recovering the photos. SanDisk did however suggested to find a recovery option. I found a couple but they did not work for me, then I found this one and let me tell you the $39.95 that I paid brought me into tears of JOY because it did recover all my photos that were deleted. THANK YOU SOO MUCH.! I had to write a review because I was not too sure about it until I had seen my photos.! Trust me when I say it was well worth the money. Thanks again!

How to Recover SanDisk SD Card

I was recently asked by some very close friends to photograph their family Christmas party. This was the first family Christmas they had in a number of years and the pictures turned out quite well. My friends’ family made my wife and I feel as though we were a part their family. I also photographed a concert, birthday party, and attempted photos of a super moon. I had over 2,600 photos and 10 videos on the card when it became encrypted with a message USBC–+m. I could tell the files were there, but I could not get to them. I tried everything I knew and nothing worked. I am not embellishing when I say I was devastated. How do you round up an entire family to re-shoot their family Christmas and how do you face them to give them the bad news? How do you tell over 30 friends you took pictures of at a concert that you don’t have the pictures? CardRecovery software worked!!!!! I not only recovered the 2,600 photos, but over 1,000 pictures that were previously on my SD card totaling nearly 28GBs of data. I am still working on getting the videos to play, but they are there. Thank you so very much for having a product that is inexpensive and dependable. Thank you to the entire CardRecovery team for saving myself a lot grief and many of my friends disappointment. I also must say I find it awesome that CardRecovery allows the customer to first see if the photos can be recovered before the payment. This fact allows a customer to know exactly what he/she is paying for.

Thank You very much for making such a great program. It did just what it was supposed to do and very simple to use. I have been photographing digitally since digital became available. I have not had a card failure up until 4 days ago. The family and I went out to take our annual fall pictures and I was testing out my new camera. I knew the photos were there but when I went to load them on the the computer the file said it was empty. When I checked the properties of the card it said there were 16gb of space used up. Your program Card Recovery, allowed me to recover everything and saved the day.

I was transferring the pictures from my wife’s 50th High School reunion in NJ and thought that I had copied them all to folders on my hard drive. I was devastated when I discovered that I had not copied the 55 pictures from the reunion dinner before I formatted the SD card. Your software recovered those pictures quickly and easily and is very reasonable priced. Thank you.