Recover Deleted and Formatted Memory Card – What Customers Said About Card Recovery Software

I was devastated when driving home from our vacation in Maine when I accidentally deleted ALL the photos on my camera. I can’t even explain the emotion I was feeling when that happened. I was so sad to lose all the memories and photos that we had tried so hard to capture in Maine. All the beautiful lighthouses and beaches that we visited. Not knowing if we would ever visit there again. When a friend told me that there may be a chance to get them back if I had not taken anymore pictures, I was hopeful, but still not convinced. Another co-worker that works in the IT department suggested I try CardRecovery. I was skeptical of the programs that claimed to be able to recover photos from a memory card, but I thought I may as well try and see if they could be recovered. I downloaded CardRecovery last night, and was able to recover about 98% of my photos! I was so excited that it actually worked! I had talked to a Geek Squad at Best Buy and he told me that there was NO WAY you could recover photos from a memory card, and maybe a possibility if it were on the hard drive. He said that anyone that told me otherwise was uneducated about it. Wow, was he ever wrong! I had also talked to someone at their 1-800 number for Best Buy and she told me that they could send my memory card off and it would cost $250.00. Sounds like they are trying to make some money. Thanks so much for your wonderful program!

I nearly cried when I realised I’d deleted my photos off the memory card ! Don’t try anything with computers when your half asleep and got a cold ! By some divine intervention I thought recovery programme ! downloaded card recovery and hey presto sorted ! thank you, thank you so much ! Now I don’t have to tell my Dad I deleted all of last years Christmas Photo’s ! Off to party to take more photo’s but with smile on my face.

CardRecovery folks, I just wanted to compliment you on your program and the way you implemented registration Key support. I bought your program years ago, and it worked flawlessly. Since then the computer I had broke down and I had to start all over with a new system. I recently found myself in a tight situation at work, where an essential file was deleted and I remembered your program. I installed it, but couldn’t find my registration key. I can’t believe how slick a job you did, anticipating this problem and devising the ‘send the email address solution. Very, very cool! Thank you so much.

Thank you so much, I am a photographer and was able to recover 100% of all the Nikon’s RAW wedding files that were accidentally deleted on my San Disk memory card! You saved my day. Great customer support and a super wonderful program you have, highly recommended.

Thank you! I had spent a sleepless night completely upset because, yes, I had wiped a camera memory card with over 100 photographs from our recent holiday in the USA. I discovered your system this morning, followed the simple instructions – and have been restored to sanity! I can’t say what a joy it was to find you!

On a recent trip, I accidentally formatted my memory card and lost over 200 photos. I tried several free programs, but none were able to retrieve more than 50% of the images. I decided to purchase CardRecovery and it was one of the smartest things I’ve done. The program recovered all of my deleted Canon .CR2 raw files. Your software is awesome – it performed flawlessly. It was the best $39.95 I ever spent. Thanks for saving my precious vacation memories.

I cannot thank you enough for your quick response and support in answer to my issue. I certainly did not expect an answer until the beginning of the business week, but I received an answer later on a Saturday evening. As you said, I was able to download the newer version, which worked and I was able to recover some (as is likely often the case), some priceless photos from a number of recent events. I cannot thank you enough and would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your support and for the quality of your product.

THANK YOU, you don’t know how much of a relief it was to find your program. I was able to recover my lost pictures and videos that meant a lot to me. Thanks so much I would definitely recommend this program, it works!!!!