Customer Stories – Recover Corrupted/Formatted/Deleted SD Card

Steps to Recover Corrupted/Formatted/Deleted SD Card

  1. Download CardRecovery Software from For macOS users, download CardRescue for Mac from
  2. Connect your camera SD Card or phone microSD card to your computer using computer built-in card reader slot or external USB card reader.
  3. Run CardRecovery Software to scan the SD card drive letter.
  4. CardRecovery will scan the SD card and list the recoverable pictures and videos. The process usually takes 10 – 30 minutes.

At the end of a photographic trip to Germany, my memory card developed an error when I switched it from one camera to another, and I felt pretty lousy thinking I’d just lost all of my photos. The card wouldn’t work when I got home, and I didn’t hold much hope I would ever get my photos back. Nevertheless, I googled “memory card recovery” and found your website, and am now absolutely delighted because your software recovered my photos! The purpose of this email is to simply say thank you, I really am very pleased!

We gave our 5 year old daughter a camera for Christmas and she proceeded to take almost 1,000 photos and videos over the course of a week…and then managed to delete all of them from her memory card. Needless to say, she was distraught. Your software worked exactly as advertised to quickly recover everything. Thank you!

After a long day, my brain was so tired that I formatted my memory cards, deleting half of a portrait client’s session that had not yet transferred to my computer or backup devices. I rush to Google in a panic, frantically searching for software that could possibly restore the images. Your website was the first I clicked. I immediately downloaded the trial version, and once it said that 150+ files had been recovered, I immediately paid and claimed the files I had deleted in that hare-brained moment minutes earlier. I’d have paid double, even triple the asking price. What a wonderful product. Thank you. I will be telling all of my photographer friends about it.

Thank you SO much for your amazing program! I had lost about 150 photos, between special family memories and my boyfriends business photos. After freaking out, I remembered that nothing is ever really deleted and figured there has to be a solution. I googled a solution and found your amazing program. I cannot thank you enough! You have saved a lot of grief, time, work and panic!

One million thanks! Not only did your SD Card Recovery & Rescue program rock, but so does your Customer Service. I’ll be sure to recommend you to my friends and post this on iPad discussion groups. Happy holidays!

Your software saved over 500 files originally thought to be gone due to accidental deletion on the Olympus camera. Thank you a zillion times!

Just want to thank you so much – you made the “impossible” possible, accessing the micro SD device as a raw device, which had been rejected by the file system of our operating systems and recovering so many, maybe all files.

I am very happy about your software. It was very good to see it is working even before purchasing it, but when I saw the “lost” files popping up one by one, I bought the software without hesitation, even before the device was completely scanned.

From a French Customer:

Lors d’un beau voyage j’ai perdu 2500 photos subitement en prenant des photos. Quel moment dsagrable. A mon retour j’ai trouv ce site et j’ai pu rcuprer 2000 photos environ dont des vidos. Quel miracle et quel bonheur !. Merci CardRecovery, c’est super !. Il ne faut pas hsiter, la rcupration prend quelques minutes.

This was easy to use and enabled me to recover some very precious hiking pictures I never would have been able to duplicate. I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for your prompt reply and congratulations on a system that was easy to access and download to my new laptop. You can feel satisfaction in the fact that you have saved my bacon(yet again!). I will definitely be recommending your product to all my friends and colleagues. Once again, well done Support Team.

Hello, I would like to say thank you for your great, awesome, life saving program. I accidentally formatted my SD card right after the shoot. You guys are life savers!!! I didn’t think I could get my files back. Was literally crying, when I googled your program. Again, thank you so much.