Camera or Phone SD Card Error – How to Recover Lost Photos/Videos – User Cases

OMG!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I bought two new 16GB cards to take pictures of our cruise through southern South America from Buenos Aires, around Cape Horn, to Santiago. I was taking tons of pictures. After about 350 pictures on the first card I got the dreaded Memory Card Error, like the Windows blue screen of death. Put the second card in and same after about 150 pictures. I thought these pictures from the trip of a lifetime were lost. Tried several recovery programs all of which complained that the boot sector could not be read. Then I found CardRecovery. I figured since they let you try before you buy, nothing lost. Downloaded and installed in about 30 seconds. Put the card in the card reader, entered the info in the wizard and when I clicked next I saw a list of photos flying up on the recovered list. My jaw dropped. I could not believe all those pictures were recovered. This software is amazing and its authors should be proud. You’ve save two weeks of memories we will always cherish. Thank you!

I would like to take a moment and thank you for your outstanding software. The internal SD card on my phone became corrupted and I lost all of the pictures that I had saved on the card. I tried other recovery software and had no luck restoring any of my deleted/corrupt files. Your software was very easy to use and not only did it find all of the pictures I knew were missing, it found pictures that I deleted a long time ago and completely forgot about. The recovery process was simple and after the initial scan it showed that 99.9% of my files were recoverable and not corrupt! I was very pleased.

I got back from Myanmar this morning and being too tired but in a hurry to see over 500 images from a great trip, manged to accidentally delete the lot. I have few technical skills but Google found CardRecovery for me and the simple program worked a treat. Nothing I might write here can properly express my gratitude for this outstanding program.

I bought a very expensive camera and unfortunately while trying to do some special effects deleted Christmas, Halloween and bridal shower photos. I called the maker of the camera to see if we could do something and was referred to a data retrieval company . They said due to difficulty and enormous amount of time it would take it would cost 600. to retrieve and 5-7 days. I tried local services and was quoted as much as 2500. to get my photos back. Again due to the technical complexity and time it would take. The I found your site 15 minutes later and 40.00 dollars – Eureka ! there they are . Thanks god – I was about to actually fork over that money. I am calling the maker of the company and making sure they have your info.

Awesome… The card recovery program worked as well as could be expected. The wizard was simple and did the job right out of the box. Highly recommended.

I erased 4 yrs of my children’s pictures and 2yrs worth of music I downloaded on my SD card with my phone. I was told by friends and family that it was lost forever. Well I started researching and thank God for whoever designed this program you have allowed me to retrieve all my data I had lost that I could not go back in time to get again. Thank You so much I will tell everyone about this program. 🙂

Absolutely brilliant, I thought my videos had gone, but they were recovered, worth its wait in gold, highly recommend to anyone who uses any card in a camera, will pass it on to all my friends on Facebook, thanks so much!

Thank you for such an amazing product! I thought I had lost over 500 photos due to a corrupt SD card and was in a total panic, but your software recovered every one of these precious family photos. I am a fan for life and would definitely recommend this product to anyone not only because it works, but because it was so easy! Thank you again from the bottom of my overjoyed heart!!!!