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SD card problem, recover photos from corrupted sd card

Thank you so much! I was about in tears today when we got home from my son's first Holy Communion. I was the only one taking photos and movies from my camera. I was so excited to send them to family and friends when I went to copy them via card reader, it said the drive was corrupt. I didn't panic to bad because I could still see all the photos on the camera, so I went to our other computer and put the card in the computer direct. Same problem. Then I was starting to panic. So I then plugged the camera direct into my computer and again corrupt. I was then devastated! Not only did I think I had lost all his Communion photos and videos, I also had Easter, and there entire season of my youngest first T-ball and my older other baseball photos.

It being Sunday, I knew I couldn't call anyone, so I went to search for sd card corruption and recovery. I found a few other links, but liked the specs from your best. Turned out it worked like a charm. There were only a few photos that were half grayed out, but I am going to try and get those again by themselves. So far it looks like all my photos and movies were retrieved. I can't thank you enough. You have no idea how much this meant to me. :)

by J. Wren, US


I would like to send a big thank you to the support team for your fast response to my e-mails that helped guide me in recovering my holiday photo's and video's. I have recovered about 95% of what was on a damaged and corrupt sd card thanks your help.

A great product backed up by a excellent support team.

Many many thanks,


by J. Robertson, UK

Plain and simple this works and worth the $40. I was using my Nikon S9100 Coolpix for the first time while on vacation. Over the course of the week, I took about 100 photos. I had viewed them on the camera and deleted the ones I didn't like. Then, all of a sudden, when I went to take a picture, a message popped up that said the card wasn't formatted and needed to be formatted. I removed the SD memory card and used another one the rest of vacation. When I got home I searched the internet for SD card recovery software and found there is a lot out there. I tested CardRecovery and it worked, so I purchsed the full software and was able to recover all my photos and move them to my PC and organize them. Excellent product.

by KathyHK

I put my SD card in as usual and as it was loading its 2G content my laptop froze. I was forced to reset then upon trying to reload it asked me to format the card! I looked in property to see it had 0 used space and 0 free space. I was mortified as two years of my work in photography class was on it including videos and voice recordings of Australian wildlife naturally. I googled and this wonderful program appeared.

by Jessie, AU

I used a new card reader for the first time. After copying Canon camera folders one at a time, each with 100 pictures, I hit one folder that threw an "invalid parameter" error and the copying stopped. Looking at the SD card (a Patriot 2GB SD) I saw many garbage files and folders, all with special character files names. It seemed most old pictures were trashed, but luckily the most recent photos were OK (but I wondered what I lost). I thought perhaps it was me opening the folders in thumbnail view that caused the problem, as Windows was writing the thumb.db file.

Stupidly I went to copy my brother's SD card (a PNY 4GB SD HC), but this time I did not open the picture folder, I just bulk-copied the whole card. After a while, the same invalid parameter error was thrown, with the same results... Only this time older pictures (previously backed up) from the card were OK, and the newest photos trashed. In fact about half the photos from our recent trip were gone. I was devastated. In fact I could hardly even sleep that night I felt so bad. The next morning I awoke, prepared to scour the Internet for a file recovery application.

I tried a few other programs (I'll be happy to provide the names if you want) but none of them worked... In fact none found ANY lost pictures.

CardRecovery found 164 files, 151 of which were actual missing JPG files. Of those 164, some were frames from an AVI. Of the 151 JPGs, only two were corrupted (one is missing data, one is the wrong size - 754 MB vs. a should be of ~4.37 MB).

However, of those 150 files, it files my brother knew he had lost and was very saddened. I think I will really make his day when I tell him how successful CardRecovery was.

Thank you so much for such a fine product.

I'll be running CardRecovery on that 2GB card next.

Oh, and I'll always lock my SD card before putting it an any other reader (I've since bought another reader, but I will never trust them again).


PS. Please feel free to edit for a testimonial.. I know I tend to be verbose.

by E. Wesley, Fort Worth, TX

I had taken some 300 images of a very important event and had a magazine editor holding the front page, when my memory card corrupted. To say I was distraught was an understatement.

I went to a local camera shop who were not helpful and basically said I had a one in five chance of retrieving the images.

I downloaded your software and prayed. I couldn't believe it when the images started showing up. I was so thankful. You really have a great product and you saved my life, so thank you!

by K. Aubrey, UK

Brilliant piece of software, father in law had corrupted SD card but CardRecovery saved most of his pictures. Thanks so much.

by K. Butcher, UK

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